One of our founding principles is that we should provide our customers with quality products and services.  Since 1961 we’ve been doing just that and and nothing gives us greater satisfaction than being able to add brand new kit to our growing fleet.

Over the last 9 months we have added brand new:

to our existing fleet as well as our usual investment in the maintenance of site accommodation coming back from sites after a hire.


The number of new ecoCabins, Welfare Units, Stores and Toilets we have purchased this year.

One great thing about our new ecoCabins is that although they are standard cabins, they have many energy saving features fitted as standard. Any new site offices, canteens and drying rooms will be of this design.  We are also retrospectively fitting energy saving features to some of our existing cabins. This means that in deepest darkest winter you can stay warm, dry and better off!

Our new stores have double locking mechanisms and door stays as standard features to make sure you can safely lock away materials and equipment when you’re away from site.

Look out for our new kit on your site soon!